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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page provides general answers to questions posed by the residents of Wickham Lakes and is intended as a guide for the convenience our residents.  It is not intended to change or replace the language in the community CC&R’s or bylaws and should not be construed as such.  In all cases, except where prohibited by law, language in the governing documents prevails.

What is a deed restricted community?

Deed restrictions are a set of rules that determine the uses of a particular piece of property.  Those restrictions can cover many uses of a property such as landscaping, parking, property modifications and noise.  All homeowners must agree to the restrictions before the sale of a home can be completed.  Agreement is considered a legally binding contract between the Association and the homeowner.   Wickham Lakes is an example of a deed-restricted community.

How do I gain access to the community pool?

The pool is a limited access facility for residents of Wickham Lakes and their guests only.  All owners have been issued keys to the facility.  Replacement keys can be obtained by contacting Fairway Management. (see Contact page)

Can I store my boat/trailer on my property?

Boats, trailers, motor homes may not be stored within the boundaries of the development unless completely enclosed within a garage.  Exceptions are trailers used by contractors for ongoing work on the property.

I want to build a pool on my lot. Is that allowed?

In ground pools are allowed subject to the approval of the community’s Modification Review Committee and applicable county and state regulations.  Above ground pools are not permitted.

What kind of fence can I have?

There are three types of fences allowed: Wooden board on board, wooden shadowbox, and white PVC/Vinyl Shadowbox. Fences are not permitted on lake lots. All fences must be approved prior to installation.

My house needs repainting.  What must I do?

If you are planning to change the color of your home, approval must be obtained in advance from the Central Viera ARC.  Home colors must be chosen from the approved color list, which is available from Fairway Management.  However, approval is not required to repaint your home the same color as before, provided that it was previously approved.

What does Homeowners Association fees pay for?

Your homeowner’s association fees pay for maintenance of all the common areas of the development, such as the pool, entrances and playground. Members of the Board of Directors and their committees are, by law, volunteers and not compensated. Dues also cover any services the Board may contract with to help with the affairs of the Association, such as management companies, accountants and attorneys.

I don’t want to leave my garbage cans/recycling bins inside.  Can I put them on the side of my house?

Garbage cans and recycling bins can be stored outside ONLY if placed behind bushes or fencing approved by the ARC.

How often does the association’s Board of Directors meet?

Currently, the Board of Directors meets the first Monday in March, June, September and December (or more as necessary) but the dates may vary based on the availability of our meeting site.  Look for the entrance signs or on the website for updates.

Can I park my car over the sidewalk in my own driveway?

Cars may not be parked on the streets, over the sidewalk or on the grass anywhere within the development.  The Sheriff’s Office will enforce the on street prohibition between midnight and 7am.

What happens if I do not pay my HOA dues on time?

Assessment payments are due in January and July. A late fee of $20 will be added to any overdue assessment.  Continued non-payment may lead to a lien being placed against the property and other legal action, including foreclosure.

My neighbor’s dog runs loose/ barks all the time.  What can I do?

Homeowners are required to have control of their animals at all times. Dogs and cats must be leashed when walked.  Animals are not allowed to urinate/defecate on any property without the consent of the owner.  The pet owner must remove all waste.  When this is not done, it never hurts to politely ask your neighbor to control his/her pet. If that fails, Brevard County Animal Services handles all animal complaints. They can be reached at 633-2024.

Where can I get a copy of the deed restrictions?

Home sellers are required to provide a copy of the deed restrictions at closing.  A copy of the CC&R’s and bylaws can also be obtained from the website here.

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